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Time to kick the habit

Area resident utilizes cold laser to combat nicotine habit

Alvarado Post staff writer
Published: Sunday, January 4, 2009 6:45 PM CST
Choosing a profession with holistic medicine was more than just an ambition for Tava Marrington of Burleson – she considered it a matter of life and death for her husband.

“My husband Jeremy, was a smoker for several years,” she said. “He was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 28, which was not related to his smoking, but it certainly didn’t help his condition either. He was a very strong man – very successful in all areas of his life. But he just couldn’t kick the habit of smoking – something he tried to do for five years.”

Tava said that although Jeremy recovered from his cancer, he was still trapped in his nicotine addiction. She watched him struggle; trying everything from hypnosis, to patches and nothing seemed to work.

"He went through cold laser treatments in Plano, and he walked out of his very first appointment cured of his addiction to nicotine,” she said. “His withdrawals were minimal, and he has not touched a cigarette since. We were very much impressed with the program and are so grateful that Jeremy is free from the addiction.”

Jeremy’s experience was the turning point for Tava which eventually led to her opening the Turning Point Wellness Center in Burleson about four years ago, where today she performs the same treatments on nicotine addicts that Jeremy went through in Plano. She purchased a cold laser machine that she has discovered has more uses than just curing addictions.

“This machine is highly effective in pain management as well as addiction,” she said.

Marrington described the cold laser treatments as energy based, and targets parts of the body including ears, hands, wrists and area around the nose.

“So far, I’ve had a 70 percent success rate with cold laser in the cure of nicotine addiction,” she said.

“The program, which is reasonably priced ($340 beginning Jan. 2009) includes treatments, four emergency appointments, and 24 hour support from me personally.”

She explained that support from her personally is more effective than if the patient tries to receive support from friends or family members.

“It’s important that the person seeking the cold laser treatments be motivated.” She said.

“The treatment is all natural, and there are absolutely no side effects. I urge all my patients to drink lots of water during the treatments.”

She said cold laser rids the body of withdrawal symptoms and raises the level of endorphin in the body, explaining that endorphins, produced by the pituitary gland, enter the brain and give a person a sense of exhilaration and well being. Nicotine controls endorphin levels in the brain, causing it to elevate. When an addict to nicotine is deprived of it, irritability is the result.

“That’s why many smokers, when they are trying to quit, they become irritable and difficult to live with,” she said.

“The cold laser treatment raises the levels of endorphin to the brain, bringing the levels back to where they should be. Persons receiving the treatments don’t go through the physical process of the withdrawals. They are left with the habit, but not the withdrawals.”

She said exercises, deep breathing and plenty of water will help the addict to gradually overcome the habit.

For further information about Turning Point Wellness center and the variety of treatments in weight loss, pain management, reflexology, aroma therapy and other programs, contact Tava Marrington 250 NW Tarrant Suite C, Burleson, Texas.   817-295-7444426-0676. E-mail [email protected] or visit the Web site at www.burlesonhealth.com.

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